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Sibs in Media - Recap Featured Media

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

As a result of our successful Sibs in Media event celebrating National Siblings Day, we know there's a huge appetite for greater representation of the Sib experience. If you missed it, here are the films, podcasts, and more from our featured speakers!

Sheena Brevig

Watch... Dating with Cerebral Palsy (link)

Learn More/Follow... @SheenaMidori (link)

Diana Pastora Carson

Watch....TEDx Talk, Walking with Joaquin (link)

Listen....Beyond Awareness Podcast (link)

Learn More/Follow...,, @GoBeyondAwareness (link), @DianaPastoraCarson (link), LinkedIn (link)

Brian Donovan

Watch....Kelly's Hollywood (link)

Learn More/Follow..., @BrianDonovan_1 (link)

Elizabeth Espinosa

Watch/Learn More/Follow... @ElizabethEspinosa (link)

Learn More/Follow... @E_Espinosa (link), @mygraypants (link)

Ann Talman

Watch....Woody's Order

Learn More/Follow...,, Youtube (link)

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