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A QuickStart Guide to Supporting Your Sibling with
Developmental Disabilities

The OSK! is an educational guide that will help an adult Sib (sibling of a person with intellectual or developmental disabilities) understand the disability support system in California, in order to make decisions about how to be involved. The guide will combine the views of experts explaining the system with considerations specific to Sibs, and provide the stories of real Sibs who have been through the process.

This project will be developed through a collaborative effort of the CaliforniaSibs board, subject matter experts on the various topics (legal, healthcare, housing, etc), and Sibs that have lived through these issues. The guide itself encourages full family involvement in the planning process, including grounding in a person-centered plan for the person with a disability, and spreading this “nothing about us, without us” mentality to the entire family.

Partner with us with a financial contribution to keep this project and others within the California Sibs community growing.

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  • Minimize the trauma of lifestyle changes when suddenly taking on the support of sibling

  • Help younger adult Sibs to prepare and plan for future care management responsibilities

  • Support Sibs in understanding the options available to them in California, in supporting the lives of their sibling

  • Assist Sibs in starting or advancing the conversation with their parents or other conservators of their sibling

  • Provide Sibs with emotional support and tools for building resiliency, including understanding their options for involvement and/or boundaries

  • Tell the stories of Sibs that have gone through, or are currently wrestling with the challenges of sibling care management

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