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Our mission is to build a network of information, support, and advocacy resources and to empower Sibs to thrive throughout all stages in life. We build the space for Sibs to participate, share their voice, and validate their experience.


The California Sibling Leadership Network envisions a future where Sibs - the siblings of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities* - have a thriving support network at all stages of life.

* While CaliforniaSibs primarily focuses on the needs of sisters and brothers of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, we welcome anyone who self-identifies. This may includes sibs-in-law, cousins, and friends. It may also include physical or mental health disabilities.




We will educate Sibs, families and the community about the unique needs of Sibs across their lifespan. We affirm that Sibs can have a powerful, positive impact on their siblings’ experiences, and are uniquely positioned to help ensure their present and future care in partnership with service organizations and government.

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We will provide opportunities for Sibs to gather in a safe space, share stories, learn and stay connected so they feel prepared as they navigate their family’s needs.

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We will voice the needs of Sibs and their family members at the local and state level to ensure policy makers include the intellectual and developmentally disabled community. We will collect, build and share knowledge to ensure that individuals with disabilities are equally treated with equity, dignity, and respect as they seek opportunities to participate as productive members of society.

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We will provide Sibs with the tools, support and the network necessary to create a successful life for them and their families.

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