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Elizabeth Espinosa is a two time Emmy-award winning journalist who has covered a wide range of breaking news in her hometown of Los Angeles & around the world.  She hosted her own prime-time daily CNN en Español talkshow and has been a staple in the Los Angeles market reporting and anchoring on Ktla 5 News, Fox 11 News, Univision, & Telemundo over a span of 20 years. Elizabeth also hosted her own morning radio show on Iheart radio and a public affairs TV talk show with PBS for several years.  This radio/tv/host/vlogger/social media influencer/PR personality/entrepreneur is one of America’s leading women providing a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves, inspiring others to achieve their goals and to overcome obstacles. Elizabeth is now part of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Executive Team serving as the Department's top media advisor. Growing up with a severely disabled younger brother, she is keenly aware of the struggles of people living with disabilities. As such, she has been a tireless advocate for the rights of the disabled and has received numerous awards for her community service. She currently sits on the board of Westside Regional Center, while working with other community groups and non-profit organizations such as Disability Voices United. Espinosa was born and raised in Los Angeles, speaks five languages and is one of a select few broadcasters in the country thriving in both English and Spanish-speaking media.


She earned a BS in political science from UCLA and studied abroad in France. As the daughter of immigrant parents who came from Mexico and El Salvador, Espinosa is proud of her multicultural heritage and recognizes the contributions and struggles of Southern California’s diverse immigrant population.

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