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Education Background
BA in Urban Studies from New York University
Master of Public Policy from University of Southern California


Professional Background
Currently a Director at a large health plan in the Bay Area
10 years in Management Consulting, followed by 8 years in Healthcare


Sibling Experience
Kalyn’s brother, Jonathan, was diagnosed with a brain tumor at 3, shortly before Kalyn’s birth. As a result of his treatments, Jonathan was left with IDD and physical disabilities; he functioned at a ~12 year old level, and was able to hold a part-time job in early adulthood. Jonathan and Kalyn attended the same schools, and Kalyn was the primary caregiver on weekday afternoons/evenings from age 9 to 16. During this period, she lived with anxiety and depression. When they were in their 20s, Jonathan suffered a massive stroke. A recovery highlight was being able to attend Kalyn’s graduation. Despite a partial recovery, Jonathan continued to have respiratory issues as a result of his permanent tracheostomy, and died a year later.


Other Interests
Kalyn enjoys independent films, and has taken up camping, enjoying all of the natural beauty that California has to offer.


My identity has and always will be as a sibling first, even though my brother is no longer with us. I am so excited to have the opportunity to help grow CaliforniaSibs, as a way of honoring that relationship and sense of self.

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To partner with California Sibs (siblings of individuals with disabilities) in finding and creating information, community, and tools to promote with their brothers and sisters the issues important to them and their entire families.
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